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Welcome to Zen Tierras Farm

A peaceful retreat hidden in the center of the stunning mountains. Our farm isn't simply a place; it offers an experience that highlights the beauty of nature, the calm of the mountains, and the importance of sustainable living.

Calm with Nature

At Zen Tierras Farm, peace and nature come together to make a quiet place that refreshes the spirit and calms the soul. Here, in the stunning mountains, you'll find a special place where the natural world helps you find inner peace.

Eco-Friendly Practices

At Zen Tierras Farm, we use eco-friendly farming methods that focus on the land's well-being and the people who benefit from it. Our organic farming techniques avoid harmful chemicals and enhance soil health, giving us tasty produce that's safe from synthetic residues.

Natural Habitat Preservation

The special thing about Zen Tierras Farm is how it blends in with the natural area. We're committed to protecting the mountains' natural homes and reducing any impact on the local ecosystems. Our buildings and structures are made to fit in well with the environment.

Know more about Us!

Come on over to Zen Tierras Farm and let's dive into what makes this place so amazing. We're all about taking good care of nature, and our gardens are bursting with lush greenery and fragrant botanicals. We've designed our space to live in harmony with the environment, and we want to share this with you. So, join us in Sitio Agusis, Matawe, Dingalan, Philippines, and be part of the Zen Tierras Farm experience!

Most Accessible

Farm Villa

Meet the Farm Villa, a cozy and peaceful place surrounded by the beautiful mountains. Our Farm Villa gives you the best mix of easy access, comfy places to stay, and a strong connection with nature. It's a great spot for families, friends, or groups looking for a special getaway.

Most Recommended

Family Villa

 A big, welcoming place made for up to 12 people to stay comfortably. The Family Villa has a warm vibe, great features, and amazing natural views, making it the top pick for families and friends looking for an unforgettable getaway.

Most Affordable

Cabana Rooms

A comfortable and budget-friendly choice for couples or solo travelers seeking an intimate and immersive experience surrounded by the natural beauty of the mountains. With a total of three cabanas, each accommodating two people, these rooms offer an affordable yet cozy way to enjoy the calm and peacefulness of the farm.

Nature's pool

Nature's Pool at Zen Tierras Farm is a special place where the mountain's energy meets the calmness of water. You can swim, think, or be with others here. The pool lets you have an experience that's all about the beauty, cleanness, and strength of the mountains.

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